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Homemade Goodies By Sylvette

You want to know about Homemade Goodies by Sylvette?  Well, this is how it all began…


I have baked in the past for personal reasons, few and far between. In fact, I was never crazy about cooking or baking but I got tired of going to the store during a “sweet attack.”  Desserts no longer taste the same from the store.  As my father use to say, “That doesn’t taste right.


So, I first began making desserts at my husband’s yard sale for customers.  A brownie here a piece of cake there. Then, I started adding pies and cookies.  It got so that people were returning to my house for desserts,  in the evening when everything was over.  They loved it!  I was encouraged by my Pastor, Husband, Siblings and a close family friend to pursue my baking and take the desserts to local events.  After my first event, I was hooked. I was just as surprised as everyone else to be baking and loving it!  It not only helped me emotionally with the loss of my Mom and also served as physical therapy for my daily pain while making others happy.  My mind is happy when I’m baking.  My desserts are made from scratch. I concentrate on fresh products and my customers’ requests.